Give your life a little adventure

Last weekend I had a blast hiking with friends at Zoar Valley. The adventure was just what I needed to let loose and have some fun and see some breathtaking views along the way. The best part about the hike was that it broke my streak of doing nothing with my summer. Finally I got out and did something different, instead of letting my summer pass me by.

I don’t know why but it seems this whole summer has been spent avoiding plans and just working, sleeping and eating.  This hasn’t been me at all.  I’m usually the one rallying the troops to go out and have a good time and even when I’m not in the mood to go out, I can most often be talked into doing something.

So my hike was great for two reasons.  I got to spend great quality time with my friends Brian and Sam, who I haven’t seen much of this summer.



Another reason was the spectacular views. Sure, most of the hike was filled with rocks, but there were neat little waterfalls, pools and hills and cliffs that were asking to be explore.  I haven’t gone hiking since I was in Boy Scouts and this hike had some views that were just wonders to see.




But I got a lot more than just views and great quality time with friends (that alone would make for a great day). I got to see why there needs to be a little adventure in all our lives.  At one point we climbed part of the gorge with a small bluff. It may have not been the most cautious choice, but we went with it.  We got a birds-eye view of the gorge, which was absolutely amazing, but we had the adrenaline rush of figuring out how to maneuver our way up it, and then back down.

That was how we spent most of the hike: figuring out where was best to cross the river and where would be a great place to stop and swim.  We just let the path take us and it was so exciting to see what we would find at the next twist or turn in the path.

Quite frankly, this hike was more than a hike, it was what I needed to see what I’ve been missing in my life lately and that is adventure.  It may not have been skydiving, but a good chance to explore and do something different is just what I needed to get back to feeling myself.

Maybe adventure is exploring the whirlpool gorge up in Niagara Falls, or searching for the Eternal Flame in Chestnut Ridge.  But it could be a bike ride around Buffalo, an impromptu roadtrip, or visiting a city you’ve never been before.  It could be ordering something off the menu you never thought you would try, just as I went for two hot dogs with everything, an order of french fries and a milkshake after our hike (the order my friends Brian and Sam usually get at Red Top on the Lake, but something I never have gotten there before).

I got to see how absolutely thrilling it was to be surprised by something completely unexpected and that is why I feel everyone needs a little adventure in their life.  Push yourself outside your comfort zone, try something different and be open to all the possibilities, then you will see how fun and amazing life truly is.


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