20 lessons from 20 years of “FRIENDS”

Pop quiz: What's my favorite TV show? If the title of this blog wasn't obvious enough, or if you know me even in the slightest you will know it's Friends. Friends premiered 20 years ago this very day, and with it brought so many laughs and unforgettable lessons.  I chronicled 20 lessons I took with me … Continue reading 20 lessons from 20 years of “FRIENDS”


The beauty of words and music

I live for words.  Chalk it up to the writer in me, but there is nothing more powerful than how words when strung together can pack so much meaning and power.  Add a melody, maybe even some harmony and suddenly words can be given such hypnotizing potential. I can get lost in a book, just … Continue reading The beauty of words and music

Far and wide

Whenever you start a new chapter in your life it can be daunting. After all starting a new chapter means ending an old one. And ending an old chapter implies leaving parts of your life behind. That statement may have some truth to it. But what I have found to be true is that you … Continue reading Far and wide