Regrets … I’ve had a few

Regrets, we all have them and if you don't, well, you're lying.  Everyone has regrets, it all just depends on whether we would do anything to change them. Maybe not choosing an opportunity leads you to a better one – we can all see the silver linings if they are obvious enough.  But what about … Continue reading Regrets … I’ve had a few


Being a flawful human

Flawful.  As I write this post my computer is giving me the red squiggly line to show me that "flawful" is not a word.  Maybe it's because we as humans are only observant to things that are flawless and look to turn away the things that are full of flaws.  But we seem to forget … Continue reading Being a flawful human

Embrace The Purge

Recently, I had the unfortunate circumstance of my smartphone having a fit of unintelligence - I updated my software only to have apps not work, texting freeze and a camera refuse to take pictures.   Upon hours of trying to figure out what was wrong, the solution was to have my phone cleared and establish … Continue reading Embrace The Purge