1,855 pounds

Last weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Food Bank of WNY alongside my fellow team members who will be traveling to New Orleans in January to work with the Saint Bernard Project. It was an opportunity to bond as a team, while giving back to the local community.  Our duties were to … Continue reading 1,855 pounds


Living the Fourth

This past February I embarked on a journey that I didn't know what I should expect from.  It was a weekend retreat called Kairos, that I heard so many wonderful things about, and people beaming smiles at my just telling me I needed to go.  Sure enough I went, and  became one of those beaming … Continue reading Living the Fourth

One step at a time

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It's to enjoy each step along the way." -Wayne Dyer Ask any grad student how grad school is going and there will be one common word among the answers: intense.  Between classes, an assistantship, a part-time job and the … Continue reading One step at a time

ignite your passion and set your dreams on fire

After much procrastination, anxiety and indecisiveness I have found myself working on my Masters degree in nonprofit management.  I knew it was something I had a passion for, but I never quite knew if it was the path I was destined to journey. After a night class spent on the aspects of giving and development, … Continue reading ignite your passion and set your dreams on fire