All About Gorc

Our lives are beautiful stories with a new word written with every step we take, and a new chapter with every new milestone we reach.
Gorc Meets World is my story.

With every exhilarating accomplishment, and heartbreaking loss, every challenge that comes my way, with every breathtaking adventure and backbreaking success, I’ll share my story, and my lessons.

I like to approach this world with optimism, curiosity and a heavy dose of humor.  With pen and journal in hand, my mission is to take the most from this world I can, and in turn give as much of myself to it in return.

As I share my story with you, my vision for this blog is to leave you inspired, to meet your world, and create your best and truest self.

The mission of Gorc Meets World is to engage people to find the fun in every day, the special in the ordinary and the meaning in the unimaginable. 

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One thought on “All About Gorc

  1. Matt, give me a shout out so we can confirm you as celebrity guest scorekeeper on the WBBZ-TV Bragging Rights show this Wednesday! Thanks for the consideration! John Di Sciullo, Producer / host ( 989-8866 )

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