my Christmas miracle

This was the very first Christmas without my grandpa around.  I noticed it most when, at my grandma's this afternoon, he wasn't around to cut ham for sandwiches as we exchanged gifts. But another tradition I was unaware of was tree decorating.  Apparently, my grandpa would always decorate his family tree, but I never knew … Continue reading my Christmas miracle


Gaining strength from the little things

The past few months have been a whirlwind of emotions. From sadness, to happiness, stress and relaxation, it seems that the roller coaster of emotions is not stopping and sometimes you don't even know how to feel on any given day. The past couple weeks have brought graduation, moving, and loss, new job opportunities, new … Continue reading Gaining strength from the little things

The words that gave me closure

Last month, Iwasgiven the special opportunity of saying goodbye to my grandfather in the most special way possible.  I was able to give the eulogy at his funeral, and some how I had to try and speak about this man's incredible life in just a few short minutes. I didn't know how to give his … Continue reading The words that gave me closure