Sharing in Sacraments

Sacraments.  You may hear the word and automatically think of Baptisms and First Communions, but there are some other types of sacraments that we far too often overlook.  Believe it or not, if we don't pay attention we may just bypass sacraments multiple times a day! I'm talking about "Small S Sacraments" or those occurrences, … Continue reading Sharing in Sacraments


Canisius, my home forever more

 "Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. The hardest thing we will ever do is leave home. To leave the comfort of the place we have known for so long, a place that we have grown and created ourselves, is not … Continue reading Canisius, my home forever more

What’s Left Behind

"For college seniors there should be a week of being allowed to cry. Just break down and cry because you are scared and don't know what's next." -Bill Cosby Ain’t that the truth. But in all seriousness, college brings with it the last time we as human beings have a timetable for when things will … Continue reading What’s Left Behind

Fall in Love, Stay in Love and It Will Decide Everything

Well, the time has come. This will be my last “Gorc Meets World” column in The Griffin newspaper, a place I have called home for four years. This column has been a surprising blessing for me. A blessing that has not only helped me with my own self-reflection, but one that has allowed me to … Continue reading Fall in Love, Stay in Love and It Will Decide Everything