Milestone Reflections

Another year older, another wiser? When I was asked a couple days ago by my coworkers what were the highlights of the past year of life, I shrugged it off like it wasn't a very special year. Truth is, 26 was probably the most eventful year of my life yet, but I almost forgot about … Continue reading Milestone Reflections


Dive Into 25

I have reached a milestone in life - turning 25.  What makes 25 a milestone? I can now officially rent a car on my own.  My car insurance (should) go down and I'm a quarter of a century old. Now that I've reached that point I guess it is acceptable to have a quarter-life crisis, … Continue reading Dive Into 25

Mean what you say, but don’t make it mean

"Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me." It was something we learned when we were kids to stay to as a buffer against teasing and bullying, but really words can be the most hurtful devices we have. It's weird to think that the words we speak are so powerful, … Continue reading Mean what you say, but don’t make it mean