Millennial Musings


Millennials are the new “Greatest Generation.” Okay, I’m a little biased because, well, I am a millennial.  However, I feel pride in my own generation and the change they are creating in the world.

Research proves it and it can be felt in just about any facet of life – Millennials are doing things differently than ever before.  Whether it’s money, career, relationships, philanthropy, or politics, Millennials are bringing a fresh perspective to the world we live in and making it a better place.  Yes, we are labeled as narcissistic, technology-dependent kids, but we are challenging the way things have been done for decades.

My goal is to share the captivating ways Millennials continue to shake things up. I’ve done firsthand research of Millennials in the nonprofit world, but the issues and changes they continue to address in so many other areas are what will really shatter the status quo we have been used to for far too long.

As the last years of the Millennial cohort begin to finish their college careers, and a majority of this generation are building their careers, the links below will have an emphasis on the workforce and finances.

I’ll also be including a list of links of Millennials in the news, whether it’s the latest research or the latest question Millennials are asking.  Check back to the Millennial Musings page for links, and the blog for any posts of my own!

Helpful Links:

How Millennial Men Can Champion Workplace Equality

How Millennials Are Changing Philanthropy

More Debt, Less Stuff: The Millennial Spending Dilemma

Where Have All the Millennials Gone?

How Executives Can Help Millennial Leaders Become Better Collaborators

Past Articles:

Connections to a Cause: The Millennial Way of Charity

Why Millennials Are More Charitable Than the Rest of You

6 Ways Millennials Are Changing Charitable Giving

‘Friends’, ‘Girls’ And The Impact On How Gen X and Millennials View Housing

Early Retirement Plan: Smart Money Moves to Make (in your 20s, 30s and 40s)

Money Milestones: What Your Finances Should Look Like By Age 30

The Pew Research Center Defines a Millennial

Millennials: Invest In Your Future

Why Your Helicopter Parent Is Ruining Your Financial Success

Why Millennials Are Better At Home Buying Than You

Millennials’ Media Habits Vary Sharply by Life Stage, Says Nielsen Report

Millennials’ Saving Habits Are Commendable

Roth IRAs Are a Great Choice for Millennials

This is Why Millennials Are Quitting Their Jobs

Podcasts Will Change The Way Millennials Learn

9 Best Tax Breaks for Millennials

Why Leadership Is So Important To Millennials Right Now

How Millennials Can Make Diversity Programs Stick

The 5-Step Process for Millennials To Achieve Their Career Goals This Year

7 Ways Millennials Are Changing Traditional Leadership

Millennials, Engage With Your Money

How Businesses Can Find, Hire and Groom the Best Millennial Talent

What Millennials Want From a New Job

5 Lessons in Leadership from the Modern Millennial Woman

Why a Gen-X CEO Hired a Millennial to Help Him Keep a Learning Mindset

Mentorship: A Millennial FORCE Multiplier

How to Pick Your Workplace Benefits

Navigating Health Insurance

How to Prep NOW for Retirement

Millennials More ‘Corporate’ than ‘Entrepreneurial’?

How to Navigate the Investment Waters

How to Find Motivation at Work

The Power of Grunt Work

Stop Shaming Millennials

The Misconception of Millennial Loyalty

Guide to Millennial Lingo

Job-Hopping Is The Norm For Millennials And That’s A Good Thing

Value Spending: Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

The Rise of Social Media Giving

Talking Philanthropy with Millennials

Case Foundation: Millennial Engagement

What Makes Millennials Give to Charity?

Millennials are Changing Online Giving

What Makes Millennials Give to NPOs

23 Lifechanging Apps We Downloaded in 2015

Work Benefits Most Appealing to Millennials

How This Huge Liquor Company Plans to Develop Millennial Leaders

8 Ways Millennials Can Combat Crippling Debt Stress

6 Secret Habits of Highly Successful Millennials

What Motivates Millennials to Give to NPOs

Millennials are Reshaping Online Giving

Social Media Fundraising on the Rise Due to Millennials

Millennials are More Generous Than Anyone Realizes

Millennials Pose Big Opportunity for Nonprofits

Millennials – The Volunteering Generation

1 Hour of Community Service Equals How Much Money?!

The Hub for Catholic Millennials

6 Retirement Tips for Millennials

Tips for Millennials to Start Retirement Saving

The Beauty of Roth IRAs for Millennials

Millennial Monday: Retirement Ready

Millennial Monday: Marketing to Millennials

Millennial Monday: It Takes a Village to Build a Career

Millennial Monday: Redefining Religion

Millennial Monday: The Debt Dilemma


Why Elmwood Village is most appealing to Millennials

Millennials Disrupting Art of Donating

Millennials Making Over ‘Old People’ Brands

Millennials Pay Attention to Social Responsible Indexes

Millennials are Moving to Buffalo

Millennials Reshape Charity

Can Millennial Men Have It All?

Millennials and Money – When It Comes To Saving

Millennials Beta Testing Marriage


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