Trumping the Donald

America received probably the worst news in our nation's history this past week.  The news rocked the world, made us fear for our future and wonder if we can ever truly ever comeback from something so horrific. Yes, Donald Trump is now leading the pack of Republican Presidential candidates. I'm not quite sure what is … Continue reading Trumping the Donald

The danger of creative expression

"The world of reality has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless."  -Rousseau  I've grown up fueled by creativity.  Whether it was using my happy meal toys as characters in my own story world, or being inquisitive and imaginative about my family history, I've always been naturally curious and creative.  I find now that … Continue reading The danger of creative expression

20 lessons from 20 years of “FRIENDS”

Pop quiz: What's my favorite TV show? If the title of this blog wasn't obvious enough, or if you know me even in the slightest you will know it's Friends. Friends premiered 20 years ago this very day, and with it brought so many laughs and unforgettable lessons.  I chronicled 20 lessons I took with me … Continue reading 20 lessons from 20 years of “FRIENDS”

Laugh a little

The news of Robin Williams' passing was what I thought was a sick joke – a stunt by some Twitter troll trying to cause some controversy. But as news outlet after news outlet confirmed the story, Monday night had the sad realization that our world is now a little less funny.  His work ranged from … Continue reading Laugh a little