Happy Anniversary

Anniversaries are incredible reminders of the most important days of our lives.  The days we were born, special holidays, or the day we marry our spouse.  Anniversaries signify a special moment or event in our lives.  What they also do is show us our growth as people each time a year passes by.

Three years ago I started this blog, which served originally as a weekly column for my college newspaper. What was once simple advice and lessons learned through college blossomed into a vessel of storytelling for life.  This blog has become my home for sharing stories, struggles, achievements but most importantly the lessons I’ve learned as I explore this world and the journey of my own life.

My first love has been writing.  The crafting of words and sentences that build to pages on pages and the creation of characters with passions and flaws.  Just when I became enthralled with creating my own characters and storylines, I found that sometimes the stories of our realities are just as beautiful as the ones that lie in our dreams and imaginations.

I have shared some incredible experiences and memories some of which tested my character and patience, some that ignited my passion and all that allowed me to see a deeper picture of my own self. I find every time I write I learn more about myself. It is as if when I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, I am becoming a better person.  I feel the deepest sense of comfort and know I’m am living as my best self.  That power, insight, and creativity reflect my deepest, truest, best self.

There comes a sense of authenticity when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, open and honest. It may not always be easy to be expressive this way, but it has been monumental for my own growth and learning. I think it adds a dimension that I, like you, have my own struggles and dreams. While we all are unique people with different journeys we can all relate to one another and share in those moments. I find that a passion of mine is sharing my own story with all of you through the vessel of my own writing.

I have stretched my boundaries to include different ways of storytelling through Gorc Meets World. My writing has fueled my desire to explore and travel, my fascination with Millennials and philanthropy and with challenging myself to try something new and different.

I’ve grown this blog to explore the insights of the Millennial Generation – my peeps if you will.  I really feel passionate about the folks I stand beside and believe we will change this world for the better.  Our desire for purpose, our entrepreneurial spirit, and the push to improve ourselves just as much as we want to improve our communities is something special.  We get flack for it – but really I think we are just doing things differently.  We are going against the grain.  We want to shake things up and the potential of that excites me.  I think we will bring a greater desire for acceptance, respect, love, and appreciation for one another.  We want the best for ourselves and one another.  We mix selfishness with selflessness and that I think is a good and necessary balance.

I’ve also found myself sharing my love story with you all.  I have fallen in love with the city I live in – Buffalo. It gets a bad wrap for its history of missed opportunities.  But lately, when I explore Buffalo I find myself breathing different air.  There’s a renaissance happening.  There’s new restaurants and breweries and activities that are making Buffalo a hotspot.  Want to ice-bike during the winter? Well, Buffalo started that trend. Want to feel the breeze off the lake while enjoying a magnificent waterfront? Buffalo is on the move with a new development every day. I find myself learning something new to do in Buffalo almost every day and it goes to show me that you can have an adventure right in your own backyard.  Although I will be sure to get out beyond the fence as much as I can.

Perhaps the best addition to my posts has been my bucket list.  It has served as my own reminder to live life to the fullest and never take a second for granted – something I needed a little reminder of as I type this very sentence.  I’ve traveled the country and met some amazing people. I’ve done some crazy and fun things while learning through service and exploring my faith.  I still have yet to finish the many exciting things on my bucket list.  I still have to get out of the country (sorry Canada, you don’t cut it).  I still have yet to go skydiving or live in a new city.  I’ve given myself quite a few challenges that have been thrilling to pursue and I am excited for what awaits me around the corner.

So to some, this may be a blog, for others it may be a place to find inspiration, but whatever it is I thank you for taking this journey with me.  For reading when a post is published. For sharing your own adventures to inspire me. I hope that the stories and lessons I share can make your life a little lighter and a little more enlightened.  I hope I can bring a smile to your face or a good laugh with my humor.  But mostly I hope it brings you a desire to meet your world, live life to the fullest and to create and be your best self.


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