Love Is The Best Thing We Do

A powerful line from my favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother, “Love is the best thing we do,” seems to be the truest statement about love.  I was lucky enough to see this personified as I stood in witness to the marriage of my brother Paul and his wife Katie.


When Katie entered Paul’s life and by extension my family’s lives, there was a change.  It wasn’t one that was jolting and obvious, but it was quietly present.  Paul and I weren’t the type of brothers that were inseparable and did everything together, in fact we have more differences than similarities (Although our mannerisms seem to be identical…as I’ve come to find out).

Despite those differences, when Katie entered the picture, those differences didn’t seem to have the effect of separation that they normally would. Instead they were complimentary in many ways as Paul and I grew as brothers and as friends. We appreciate one another and look to one another for support and encouragement.


Realizing how strong our relationship grew to be, it was clear the common denominator was Katie. She has been the best blessing to my brother and my family.  She embodies selflessness, honesty, humility and love.  For that I’ve seen my brother smile more, laugh more and have more happy days than sad.

So not only have I gained a newfound relationship with my brother, but I’ve been blessed with a sister as well.


I believe that the essence of their love is being their best selves for one another.  I’ve seen how easy it was for Katie to join my family and for Paul to join hers.  I’ve seen how easy everyone came together for the celebration of their marriage and how much fun the process was despite the naturally stressful parts. Love is a strong and powerful thing, but when love clicks, it is easy and natural and that has always been the case for these two.


When love is at its most purest and realest form, I believe it is the best thing we do and it brings out the best in us.  I’ve seen Paul and Katie be their best selves when they are together and how that trickles to the people they surround themselves with.  They have become the product of the love passed down to them and I can’t wait for the love they continue to pass on when they build a family of their own.

As they keep love at the center of their lives, I hope these two continue to be their best selves for one another because as a witness to them, I know I want to walk through life everyday being my best self and have instill the love and positivity they’ve given to all of us.

“And not everything along the way was perfect,
To be honest, not everything to follow would be perfect either.
But, what is?
Here’s the secret,
None of us can vow to be perfect.
In the end, all we can do is promise to
Love each other with everything we’ve got.

Because love is the best thing we do.”

Check out more fun pictures from there day below – Special thanks to the Selfie Stick for making it all happen!







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