Trumping the Donald

America received probably the worst news in our nation’s history this past week.  The news rocked the world, made us fear for our future and wonder if we can ever truly ever comeback from something so horrific. Yes, Donald Trump is now leading the pack of Republican Presidential candidates.

I’m not quite sure what is more shocking – the fact that Trump wants to put his success as a real estate mogul and reality TV star to the side while he makes an effort to lead our country, or the fact that Americans actually seem to think he is a capable leader.  To lead America, you need to be able to do more than just hold down a boardroom.

Donald Trump has risen to the top from what I believe are purely sensationalized comments that have ignited purely racist, inflammatory remarks about mainly Hispanic immigrants.  He has managed to capitalize on tragic events like a shooting of a woman in San Francisco to paint an entire population as evil and detrimental to our country.

Many say that at least Trump is talking about the issues and bringing them to light. That may be the only thing he is good for concerning the Presidential race.  By default, he is forcing his opponents to take a stance on the issues or get lost in the dust. But what is so striking to me is that fact that many who have voiced concerns are not being brought into the light, or merely able to be heard over Trump’s loudmouth.  Can it be that we as a nation are too sensationalized? That we merely pay attention to Trump’s remarks because they are borderline hysterical or completely prejudicial and not only push the envelope but throw it to the ground and walk all over it? Do the other candidates deserve less attention because they are not as flashy as Trump? What is even more scary is that there are several credible Republican candidates who can’t get a word in edgewise because they are too “boring.”

Well, America we need to get a little boring.  We need to let our fascination with the Kardashians, Real Housewives and Bachelors and Bachelorettes take a back seat for a moment.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of reality TV, any TV to be honest, so I’m not trying to be a hypocrite.  But I find that we need to get past our own fixation with sensationalism in entertainment and not mix that with real-world issues and occurrences. We need to embrace the “boring” a bit more.  Because “boring” things are happening.  Diplomacy with Iran over nuclear weapons is happening, but maybe you didn’t know because the President’s address didn’t interrupt the Kardashians’ rerun. Another deadly shooting took place on American soil killing four marines, but you may have been too busy seeing who the final two were going to be on The Bachelorette. Hell, even Pluto is making a comeback to full-fledged planet status but you may not know because you were waiting to see if Joe Shmoe is or isn’t the father on the latest round of paternity scandals on Maury.

I think our culture has gotten so caught up in the sensationalism of pop culture that we look for that in our news. What’s worse is our media is even compromising themselves to make things flashier and get people’s attention.  It seems that’s the only way we get interested in politics, if we can even cut through the crap to get interested in the first place.  If that’s the case let Donald Trump’s use be to raise your own interest in this next Presidential race. But whatever you do, do not let him fool you further into believing the biased, unjust, racist garbage he is selling.  Then again he has been selling “fine” and “exceptionally tasteful” clothing for years, except they are manufactured in Chinese sweatshops.  If Donald can’t put the practices of his own business and life to good use to preach just how he can make America even greater, then what makes you think he’ll be able to do it as President?

Many companies thrive just fine by embarking on fair trade business plans and even those who hold jobs in America, but Trump doesn’t seem to experiment with bringing jobs to America, instead he claims that China is winning by manipulating the currency.  He has stated this over and over but doesn’t seem to take initiative to change the situation, as many of his Trump clothing are manufactured in China and have been for years.  

He is known for his exceptional skill as a businessman, but still has managed several bankruptcies and unable to even pose a solution to the issue of American jobs moving oversees.  In fact, while he blasts China, there have been no tangible solutions proposed by Trump to fix the issue.

But beyond his own folly as a businessman, Trump considers himself an expert on foreign policy because he sold a hotel to man in China before. This is what I look for when deciding which candidate is the expert in foreign policy.  And he seems to have met every Hispanic immigrant because he has generalized this entire population to rapists, killers and drug dealers. I wonder what other demographic of people he has generalized by stereotyping them? That would be like me stating he fits the stereotypical businessman stereotype – a shrewd, egotistical jackass – but even he doesn’t do that stereotype justice.

A question I’d ask Trump would be if his ancestors were able to enter this country to build a better life, one that he most certainly has created by becoming a real estate mogul, why isn’t that same dream applicable to Hispanic, or even other immigrant populations? He’d probably remark that his ancestors were not rapists, murderers or drug dealers, but then again Trump, himself, is the pinnacle of virtue and that crime is merely saved for people of Hispanic ethnicity. But I’m sure Trump’s businesses themselves operate completely in the lines of ethics and have afforded people wonderful opportunities to seek the American dream, minus all those businesses based in China.

Trump’s foreign policy deals with Chinese sweatshops and prejudicially generalizing a group of people.  His economic plan seems to be his most successful platform, minus those bankrupt hotels and casinos.  His plans to make higher education affordable and student loan debt to be manageble is for young people to “find jobs” with “qualified leaders.” Donald Trump feels that to solve student loans is to find a job.  Really? That’s a novel idea. I’m sure not a single young person fresh out of college even thought about that!  I would’ve thought something more practical is to decrease the interest rate on student loans so those students entering entry level positions can still afford to make a life for themselves while paying off their education? But Trump doesn’t seem to focus on anything specific and tangible, after all, he is a fan of generalizing and grasping very abstract straws.

His latest act that makes me question him not only as a Presidential candidate, but just as a moral human being is that he states Senator John McCain is not a war hero because he was a Prisoner of War.  I’m sure if the roles were reversed, Trump would be shouting from the top of every hotel he owned how he was a hero.  The fact is, whether McCain is a hero or not in your eyes, he put his life on the line for our country and survived the ordeal of being taken prisoner and tortured – no one should ever question the integrity of someone who has walked that path.  It is purely unAmerican.

Then again, everything about Trump’s run for President has struck me as purely unAmerican.  Allowing jobs to migrate overseas, ostracizing an entire population that that makes up the face of America and now discrediting the honor of those who serve in our armed forces.

Don’t let his sensational comments trick you. Trump is not for America.  He hasn’t been for many years.  He is here for himself and any person who knows a good leader, they put themselves last, something I don’t think trump has ever considered. If anything Trump’s biggest enemy is himself, and if ethics and morality serve correctly, he will be trumping himself right out of this election.


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