Do what you can

Looking back on this summer, it hasn’t been the most phenomenal. I started it off taking two summer classes – two more than any person likes to take! Then, realizing I needed to start saving up for a new car and some other expenses, I worked as many hours as I could. I didn’t get to go to the beach once, nor did I attend the beloved Erie County Fair. I made it to one concert at Darien Lake, but not one at Canalside. Overall, most would say it was a pretty boring summer.

But then I thought about what I was able to do this summer.  Particularly, what I scratched off my bucket list.  I shot a gun for the first time and it was quite the adrenaline rush.  I explored the waterfront quite a few times from getting ice cream at the Small Boat Harbor to basking in the sun at Canalside.  I finally got to see with my own two eyes the Eternal Flame – even though it resulted in my sister, mom and myself getting lost in Chestnut Ridge Park (I know, the trail is marked and we still managed to get lost). Then there was finally getting to Food Truck Tuesday in Larkin Square that had me fall in love with the food truck culture in Buffalo.  Who knew there were over 20 food trucks in Buffalo, each with something unique and different to offer? Well now I know and my stomach is happy about it! I finally got to see OneRepublic in concert, and I have never been blown away at a concert before.  The energy they gave their concert left me feeling like I got way more than what a concert ticket gives you.  The experience was phenomenal.

So could summer have been better? I guess so, but it also could’ve been worse.  I’ve learned that there is only so much a person can do and for me, I need just as much time alone and relaxing as I do needing an adventure with friends and family.  I’m not always going to be able to do what I want when I want it.  But at the same time, I can’t allow days pass me by without trying to learn something new about this world.

So I say do what you can.  Try a new restaurant for dinner, or visit to your city’s treasures be it a park or museum when you want to get away.  Plan a weekend road trip, or try something small like shotgun shooting, or karaoke.

There are going to be times when money and time prevent you from doing something, but if you take baby steps when you can, even the small things add up to living an extraordinary life.  So do what you can – you won’t regret it.


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