The Perfect Day

Today was the perfect day.

I didn’t win the lottery. I didn’t get a brand new car. I didn’t meet the love of my life.

Instead, I laid by the pool, went to the mall, cleaned out my car, went to lunch, got some ice cream, explored the waterfront and now am writing this blog.

It may seem like a pretty simple, ordinary day but that is what I find to be perfect.

While I do find a great adventure to be my style I have really been trying to find excitement in the ordinary – the simplicity of sitting down, relaxing and just being present in the moment.

Today started with journaling by the pool. I listened to music and wrote until I saw a wasp struggling in the water. I helped the little guy out and it seemed to be fitting for the topic spilling from my pen: Finding hope in struggle and realizing that despite how big the mess is there’s a message waiting to unfold. So I grabbed a noodle (the pool toy, not the pasta) and scooped the little guy out of the water. It was like God handed me a metaphor.

I found the heat of the sun, the cool comfort of the water and my hand to paper as the trifecta to a victorious morning. Next, I headed to the mall to meet up with my friend Ariel as we prepped for a wedding. No, we aren’t getting married, just going to enjoy the celebration of my coworker taking the plunge. As a male helping his female friend with shoe shopping, I have to say I had fun. (That statement will probably never be utter by another male ever again.) Ariel and I always have a good time – hell we even make shoe shopping fun. And I managed to learn something new: short girls wear heels so that they can find their friends when they are out and about. (I’m still laughing at that one, Ariel.)

Even the car ride was fun, but if you know me well enough, you know I enjoy my car rides.  I have been thinking about a woman who was like a second mom to me in high school.  She passed away a few years ago and things quite haven’t been the same without her here, but as I drove home a butterfly caught my eye – something I thought about earlier that day.  You may think a butterfly? So what? But after she passed every time I thought of her, a butterfly seemed to greet me.  Butterflies are common, but they seemed to be a little too common to be just a coincidence. So for me, it became a symbol to me that she is watching over us.  Those little moments, however unexplainable they are can bring a world of comfort  to let you know your angels are always with you. I needed that butterfly today.

I followed this up with lunch at Ilio DiPaolo’s with my sister and mom who I hardly get to just sit and spend time with. I had chicken parrinello – a menu item I’ve never had before but was worth the switch from my usual chicken parmesan. We even ran into my aunt who was having lunch with friends. They promised to talk softly, but senior citizens hardly follow the rules! All in all great food and even better conversation with two of my favorite ladies.

Chicken Parrinello at Ilio DiPaolo's
Chicken Parrinello at Ilio DiPaolo’s

After lunch I decided to tackle the task of cleaning out my car. I found scarves and hats from winter, enough water bottles to cash in and fill my gas tank and even discovered blankets from a road trip I thought had gone missing. What’s so great about cleaning my car? Well, the fact that I cleaned my car. It’s been a disaster zone since, basically I got my license. Okay, I exaggerate, but it’s been something I’ve procrastinated on and finally got it accomplished. Nothing feels quite as good as getting an item off your “Things To Do” list.

This picture does not scare you as much as the real thing.  It was HUGE!
This picture does not scare you as much as the real thing. It was HUGE!

Lastly, my mom and I took a ride to the small boat harbor to get ice cream. I had a large chocolate ice cream cone but what I got instead was something the size of my face and could’ve fed a small family. Of course, I didn’t mind the delicious overcompensation. We watched the sunset over the lake, watched the boats come and go and felt the breeze on our skin. It was beautiful. It was a moment just to sit and be in the moment. We talked a little bit but for the most part we just sat, watched and relaxed. We walked down to the newly christened Tifft Street Pier, which is the latest facelift to Buffalo’s waterfront.   It’s so great to see Buffalo on the rebound. Buffalo has always been a phenomenal city and now it is getting to walk the walk of being one of the country’s happiest cities with a beautiful site and something fun to do at every turn.


photo5 photo4 photo3


Now I end my day the way I started it: writing. That is possibly the best part of this perfect day. I’ve abandoned my writing the past few weeks with working more hours at my job and being a couch potato whenever I have a free moment. But now after reflecting on the day, I realize that the perfect moments don’t have to be extraordinary.  They can be simple, everyday moments that we can make the most of. They can be meals with family, free time with friends, peaceful moments by the pool or getting a few chores done and out of the way. But the icing on the cake comes with being able to return to the very thing that lights your soul with passion. For me, getting back to my writing makes me feel like a blaze of glory.

The sun rose with me putting pen to paper and set with me typing away on my computer.  In between was filled with simple joys that have created the most perfect day.


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