Living the Fourth

This past February I embarked on a journey that I didn't know what I should expect from.  It was a weekend retreat called Kairos, that I heard so many wonderful things about, and people beaming smiles at my just telling me I needed to go.  Sure enough I went, and  became one of those beaming … Continue reading Living the Fourth

One step at a time

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It's to enjoy each step along the way." -Wayne Dyer Ask any grad student how grad school is going and there will be one common word among the answers: intense.  Between classes, an assistantship, a part-time job and the … Continue reading One step at a time

ignite your passion and set your dreams on fire

After much procrastination, anxiety and indecisiveness I have found myself working on my Masters degree in nonprofit management.  I knew it was something I had a passion for, but I never quite knew if it was the path I was destined to journey. After a night class spent on the aspects of giving and development, … Continue reading ignite your passion and set your dreams on fire

Sink or swim

  One basic rule I was taught in Boy Scouts was to never jump in to save a drowning person. The reason is that their own distress in the water will most likely cause you to drown, yourself.  Rather, you should find some other way to save them be it a lifesaver, a paddle or any … Continue reading Sink or swim

trim the fat

Fat: it's what makes our lives unhealthy.  But I've learned that there is fat in all our lives that doesn't just pertain to the stuff that makes our pants a little tight. I've always said if I ran for a political office my slogan would be "trim the fat" or run on the platform of … Continue reading trim the fat

if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Paranoia is a scary thing.  It's the one thing that can completely disintegrate the good in our lives.  Recently, I have allowed my paranoia to get the best of me (something I allow to happen far too often). Recently, when a friendship I had ended, I was paranoid that that strain would affect another friendship. … Continue reading if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

the more chapters the better

What good would a book be if it was nothing by one big, long chapter? My answer: I wouldn't want to read something that wouldn't have that much excitement to it. I wouldn't want to read anything with a lack of progression. I wouldn't want to read anything that seemed to stay in the same … Continue reading the more chapters the better