sit down, shut up and stay out of my way

There is nothing more defeating then when others think the worst of you. Actually, there is something that tops that, when people you trust enough and love enough to take a bullet for, when those people, not only think the worst about you, but are willing to believe and accept the worst about you.

Yeah, it’s heavy stuff, but we’ve all been there before, both big and small, bad and ugly. We have all been let down by someone we really care for and respect.  We, too, have let down a couple people in our lives. But that is not what defines us as people.  What does define us is how we choose to grow from these disappointments.

Let me emphasize this when I say this: I have made more mistakes than I care to remember. Plenty of mistakes. I have lived to be embarrassed and paralyzed by some of them.  Some mistakes I wish I could go back and undo. Then I stop and I say no. I won’t. I won’t because those mistakes, those stupid, embarrassing decisions have taught me something.  Hell, they made me who I am.

There’s no way I would be as confident in the person I am if I didn’t make an incredible fool of myself, fall flat on my face, feel so utterly defeated I wanted to quit, and then by God-knows-what I got up. I didn’t just get up, I kept getting up, over and over.  I refused to have all I worked for be taken from me, I refused to settle for anything less than what I wanted.

So this is my declaration. I am done defending myself, and the person I am to people who want to believe the worst in me. 

If you are one of those people this is my advice for you. Sit down, shut up and stay out of my way. I am more determined than ever to take this world by storm, be the best person I can be and hopefully get the opportunity to change and inspire a few lives in the process. If you don’t want to be supportive of that, then simply erase my name from your memory, and I’ll do my part to make it mutual.

It can be defeating when people know you, almost inside-out and still are willing to listen to whatever garbage falls into their lap.  But when those times have come up in my life, I’ve been willing to use those as a motivator.  I push myself that much harder to reach my dreams and stay true to myself because I am the only person who can decide my happiness. Luckily for me, I am choosing everyday to be happy, to feel love, surround myself with amazing people and most importantly never give up on myself and my dreams.

Maybe if some of those negative people choose the same, then maybe they can be happy with themselves, too.



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