1,855 pounds

Last weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Food Bank of WNY alongside my fellow team members who will be traveling to New Orleans in January to work with the Saint Bernard Project.

It was an opportunity to bond as a team, while giving back to the local community.  Our duties were to go through donated food items, make sure they were good and box them into 35 pound boxes.

So for a couple hours we talked while we worked, and before we knew it, we had boxed over 50 boxes of food, or 1,855 pounds.  It sure didn’t feel like that much, after all, we were having fun while we worked. We talked, we laughed and most importantly we have back.

I’m thankful for that experience and that this holiday season, I was able to do something to give back.  So while we all count our blessings this year, think of what you can do to give a blessing, or be a blessing to someone else!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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