ignite your passion and set your dreams on fire


After much procrastination, anxiety and indecisiveness I have found myself working on my Masters degree in nonprofit management.  I knew it was something I had a passion for, but I never quite knew if it was the path I was destined to journey.

After a night class spent on the aspects of giving and development, I walked out of my near three hour class on fire.  I loved the aspects of developing a nonprofit both as an institution for helping others and as a way to develop and get the community involved. I felt I was in a field that stimulated my love for people, my love for writing and my love for giving.

This all came as a result of my procrastination; my indecisiveness on graduate school and certain programs.  Luckily for me, what I always wanted was right there in front of my face the whole time.  All I needed was to sit back and just commit myself to it.

But even once I knew this is where I wanted to take my life, I still didn’t think I was good enough to make my dreams a reality.  My dream is to create my own empowerment nonprofit aimed at giving people, youth especially, the chance and the vision to look at the world and just make the most of what they have been given.  I want to turn that into a desire to want more, be more and do more.  It’s the little spirit of Magis that I grew to love as apart of my Jesuit education.

I truly felt that I was just going through the steps that everyone is expected to go through: go to college, get good grades, get a degree, get a job, work your butt off for 40+ years, end up hating your job and pray that retirement is not far around the corner.

But I was once told that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. And that is how I will live my life: loving every minute that I possibly can and knowing that that love will help make it easier when difficulties, obstacles and loss make their way into the picture, because they will.

As all of this has come together, I find myself in a more committed and organized place and I am much more open and willing to let life unfold right in front of me.  I am willing to explore new places, face new challenges and meet many new people. It all stemmed from one little glimmer that I was doing what I was always meant to do and there was never any reason to doubt myself.

I now push my self-doubt out of my consciousness and allow myself to see that anything is possible.  We are all capable of making our dreams a reality. It’s as simple as finding our passion (even if it is right under our nose) igniting that passion and allow it to spark our dreams into a fire that will guide us into a future of happiness and success and inextinguishable excitement.


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