the more chapters the better

What good would a book be if it was nothing by one big, long chapter?

My answer: I wouldn’t want to read something that wouldn’t have that much excitement to it. I wouldn’t want to read anything with a lack of progression. I wouldn’t want to read anything that seemed to stay in the same place with no adventure, excitement, hurt, redemption, challenge and change.

In fact, there’s a reason that books are divided up into parts and chapters. We get to see an evolution over time. We get to see change and

we get to see growth.

I’m sure we all have a favorite book, and when we turn the page to a new chapter, we discover a whole new set of possibilities for the character. We may even see their world pulled out from underneath them, b

ut we get to see in future chapters how they survive and go on.

Every chapter brings something new and different and our lives operate the same way. Each new journey we take is a new opportunity to embrace, even if we are scared and are worried about the outcomes.

For me and many of my friends tomorrow starts a new chapter.  Some are starting new jobs in the real world. Some have ventured off into the world to do a year of service. And some have decided to return to sch

ool–some in familiar places and some at new institutions.

I applaud my friends that have chosen to go out of their comfort zones and just completely tried something new, even if it scared them at first. I know it will be a chapter readers will be holding on tight to, clutched to every word of the journey.

For me, sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice with where I decided to take my next chapter.  I’m still at Canisius College in a program that is downright the best place for the career path I’m headed on.

So while I’d love to try something new and different (and I feel that I need that) this is the place where I need to be.

But while I think I hit the pause button, these next two years are sure to be ones where I can focus on my career and my passion.  I’ll be in specialized classes dealing with the world of nonprofit organizations and I feel when the next two years are up, I’ll have my exciting chapter where a new place, a new challenge and new people are sure to shake things up.

Whatever my next chapter holds, whether its foreshadowing a future chapter of excitement, its a chapter of mellow, relaxing dialo

gue, or an unexpected climax, I know it’s just one of many filled with happiness, hurt, love, fun, sorrow and undoubtedly growth and change.

So to everyone who is starting a new chapter, have faith in it.  It may just surprise you how wonderful it could be.  It may be scary and seem to break you, but that just means a new chapter is around the corner waiting to rebuild you.

Just remember the more chapters to your story, the more wonderful experiences you are exposed to and that means the more insight you have to leave this world a better place than when you found it.

Let your story be brave. Let your story be true. Let your story be inspirational.

Dedicated to the Canisius College Class of 2013. 



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